A groin pull, also known as a groin strain, results from putting too much stress onto your muscles in the groin and thigh. If there is too much pressure or stress applied to these muscles too forcefully or too suddenly, it can result in the groin to be overstretched or torn.

Groin pulls are a common injury to individuals who play sports that involve running and jumping. A sudden jump or change in direction are particularly common causes. Those who play soccer, football, and hockey are more susceptible to such injuries. 

Symptoms of a Groin Pull

Symptoms of a groin pull include the following:

  • Pain and tenderness in the groin and inside of the thigh
  • Pain when bringing the legs together
  • Pain when you raise your knee
  • A popping or snapping feeling during the injury, followed by severe pain

Physical Therapy for Groin Pain

If you have suffered a groin pull, it is important to seek guidance and treatment from a physical therapist. At BodyPro Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, our groin pain specialist in Los Angeles can provide you with the care you need, such as a specific treatment plan to speed up your recovery, as well as improve your overall functionality. In addition to the treatment that you will receive in-office, your physical therapist will also provide a treatment plan that you can practice at home. When it comes to providing treatment, our goals are to do the following:

  • Reduce pain
  • Restore motion
  • Improve strength
  • Speed up recovery time
  • Prevent re-injury

If you are interested in learning about how our Los Angeles groin pain specialist can help you get back to where you need to be, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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At BodyPro Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, we pride on the fact that we build a unique treatment plan for every patient.  Our staff is composed of experience chiropractors, physical therapists, muscle therapists and strength coaches.  We want to ensure we follow the best practice approaches to ensure you get the best quality care.  Equipped with state of the art tools and up to date education, we have you covered from head to toe.

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