Wrist pain is a common form of joint pain and can often inhibit people from participating in daily tasks or activities. According to American Family Physician, an estimated 3-6% of the population is affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, a common cause of wrist pain and discomfort. 

There are many different types of wrist pain, including aching, intense pain, immobility, or the experience of “pins and needles” or tingling. Wrist pain can be the result of overuse or misuse of the wrist or hand, or it can result from an injury. Often, simple lifestyle changes like the introduction of strengthening exercises or taking breaks from strenuous movements can reduce or, in some cases, prevent wrist pain.

Five common modern causes of wrist pain include using a cellphone, using a computer, driving, participating in leisure sports, and having certain medical conditions, including osteoarthritis. Carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome are both causes of wrist pain. Both conditions are the result of compressed or pinched nerves. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is increasingly common because it is caused by repetitive daily movements. Activities such as driving or frequently using a personal device such as a phone or a computer can lead to this condition and cause significant wrist pain or discomfort. Many modern causes of wrist pain come from overuse and overextension of the nerves and joints around the wrist. 

Fortunately, Verywell Health notes that these unpleasant effects of overstimulation can be prevented by taking breaks from movement, introducing ergonomic devices, and reducing repetitive motions. 

Another common cause of wrist pain includes stress or trauma from sports and recreation, which can include fractures and sprains. There is protective gear available for people who participate in leisure sports or participate in other activities with an increased risk of injury. If an injury is sustained, it is crucial that you seek guidance on proper rehabilitation to prevent future injuries. Ice and heat therapies are often useful in treating injury-related wrist pain.

Osteoarthritis is another medical condition that affects wrist mobility and can cause pain. While this condition involves joint degeneration and cannot be reversed, it is possible to use physical therapy to strengthen muscles around the joints and reduce unpleasant symptoms.

Dr. Noor and his staff at Body Pro Chiropractic and Sports Medicine can conduct a thorough evaluation of your wrist pain and develop the best treatment options to enhance mobility and reduce discomfort. 

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