What's your Achilles Heel?


Everyone has an Achilles Heel, a vulnerable area that can cause persistent pain in the body. Not everyone has to suffer from Achilles Tendonitis.

For some people, the Achilles Heel might be the actual thing preventing them from experiencing an active physical life and the full expression of the body in its range of motion.

The Mayo Clinic describes the persistent pain in the Achilles Heel as Achilles Tendinitis, specifically as an “overuse injury...commonly occurring in runners who have recently increased the intensity or duration of their runs.”  Running has become a national pastime, just like baseball and barbeques. So for people who love to run, an Achilles Strain or Achilles Tendonitis may occur as a result of dynamic exercise like running.

Achilles Strain vs. Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles Strain​​​​​ Achilles Tendonitis?

Pulled Tendon ​​​​​Inflamed Tendon?

Pain Above The Heel​​​​ Intense Pain, Snapping/PoppingTemporary Pain ​​​​​Persistent, Ongoing Pain.  Results From Injury​​​​​Results From Repetitive Stress

At BodyPro Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Los Angeles, Dr. Arash Noor is dedicated to helping you heal and support your feet so you can log the most miles and maintain an active life.

Ankle pain can be excruciating. Using crutches is no fun, especially for a person with an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, ankle pain can be experienced as a result of achilles strain or achilles tendonitis. Although ankle pain treatment depends on the root cause, it usually involves resting your ankle for several days and keeping weight off it. You may need to use pillows to keep your foot elevated above the level of your heart when you’re sitting and sleeping, and ice your ankle intermittently for the first few days. Once your ankle has healed and the pain is mostly gone, physical rehabilitation is the next step on your journey to recovery. Dr. Noor of Body Pro Chiropractic & Sports Medicine can design a rehabilitation program that will get you back on

your feet and keep you there.


To discover possible treatments to aid your achilles tendon injury, book an appointment today at www.bodyprochiro.com and speak to one of our helpful representatives so that we can implement the best treatment plan for your body and lifestyle.

Dr. Arash Noor Dr. Arash Noor Dr. Arash Noor is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician who is also an Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

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