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Whether you’re always on the go, or whether you prefer a sedentary lifestyle, your elbows are still getting a workout. As one of the major and most-used joints in your body, your elbow requires the right care and attention to eliminate pain or strain. If you’re looking for relief, Dr. Arash Noor at BodyPro Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Los Angeles can help ease the aches associated with an injury to the elbow or with stress from overuse.

Elbow Pain Q & A

What causes elbow pain?

Temporary elbow pain — like the pain caused by smacking your elbow on a doorway — usually goes away on its own and isn’t a cause for concern. However, a serious blow or injury to the elbow can fracture the bone or cause a rupture or tear in the tendons and ligaments that make up the surrounding elbow tissue. If this is the case, elbow pain can occur suddenly or become chronically worse over time. Elbow pain may also radiate up or down your entire arm and into your fingers.

As a major joint in your body, your elbow can easily be injured by repetitive motion. Stress to other areas of the arm, such as jerky movements that involve the wrists or the shoulders can also cause elbow pain.

Tennis elbow refers to an injury in the tendons that surround the elbow area, while golfer’s elbow causes problems with the inner elbow tendons.

How does chiropractic care treat elbow pain?

As part of a comprehensive chiropractic assessment and plan, Dr. Noor will determine the most likely cause of your elbow pain, as well as how to adjust your entire body to improve the mobility and functionality of this major joint.

With the primary goals being quick pain relief and long-term healing, your treatment may include a series of adjustments, at-home physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises. Together you’ll create a lifestyle plan that enables you to minimize further injury to the area or to the entire elbow.

Dr. Noor may advise you to wear an assistive device, like a brace or splint, or to utilize heat or cold therapy to alleviate your pain.

When should I see a doctor?

Elbow pain may not be a cause for major concern, but any pain that is chronic, extreme, or that gets worse over time is usually an indication of a condition that requires treatment.

If your elbow area is visibly swollen or inflamed, if you can’t move your elbow, or if you develop a fever along with the pain, it’s a good idea to seek medical attention to avoid potential complications that may later require surgery.