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Arash Noor, DC, CCSP, CSCS, EMT-R

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If your busy work schedule or lack of mobility prevents you from visiting the chiropractor’s office to receive an adjustment, you need the concierge chiropractic services of Dr. Arash Noor, DC at BodyPro Chiropractic & Sports Medicine in Los Angeles. Dr. Noor understands your limitations and gladly serves you and your family members at the location of your choice at your convenience. Call or click to schedule an appointment today.

Concierge Chiropractic Q & A

What is concierge chiropractic?

Dr. Noor understands that you may have a profession, lifestyle, disease, or physical impairment that makes it very difficult for you to come “in-person” to BodyPro Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. That’s why he offers concierge chiropractic, a personalized service that provides chiropractic care outside the traditional office settings and hours.

You can schedule concierge care for one person, your entire family, or any group of individuals, such as an athletic team or executives in a corporate office.

Dr. Noor has performed his expert chiropractic services in homes, hotels, movie studios, and music studios throughout the greater Los Angeles area. He'll arrive at your specified location at your convenience and provide the best possible experience and the highest level of service.

Who commonly uses concierge care?

Concierge chiropractic services are commonly used by anyone who lacks mobility, such as women who have just given birth. Corporations and athletic teams are likely to avail the services of concierge chiropractic to save time and money while maintaining the health of their employees and team members.

What are the common concierge services offered outside the office?

Concierge patients can receive referrals for lab work, imaging, and other specialists. The most common services are chiropractic adjustments, nutritional and wellness advice, corrective exercise instructions, and treatment of soft tissue injuries.

In fact, Dr. Noor can provide the majority of services available in his office during concierge visits. But there are some limitations because he can't bring all of his office instruments to the location.

Will insurance pay for concierge care?

Insurance doesn't pay for services provided outside the chiropractic office like concierge care. Rather than pay out-of-pocket, consider asking your corporate office or sports team to contract Dr. Noor for year-round concierge services.

What are the benefits of concierge chiropractic care?

Concierge services provide relief from acute or chronic pain at the location of your choice. Chiropractic care facilitates a quicker recovery, increases energy and focus, improves athletic performance, and is an effective stress management tool.

Additional benefits of this convenient service include:

  • Absolute privacy
  • Comprehensive services for one set fee
  • Services outside traditional office hours
  • Immediate emergency care

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